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SB - SCHWARTZ BESNOSOFF ARCHITECTS AND TOWN PLANNERS LTD Established in Haifa Israel at 1994. The office's work ranges from the architectural design of communal neighborhoods,hightech industry buildings, student's dormitories, libraries and university halls and design of large scale urban complexes.  The office perspective point of view is one of environmental and scenery sensitivity, one that believes that public housing is the basis for the new reality of community life. SB- "Schwartz Besnosoff Architects & Town Planners LTD" is a private architecture company.  The company was established in 1994 by architects Gaby Schwartz & Dany Besnosoff. l SB - AWARDS SB-Schwartz Besnosoff Architects and Town Planners LTD participated and won number of architecture competition in the last years. Such as: 2005  Competition for building the main library at the Jordan Valley College, First place.  2004 Competition for building the CPC factory at Yoqneam, First place.  2003 Competition for building the interns village at the IIT, Haifa, First place. 2003 Competition for building the public library at Tirat Karmel, First place. 2003 Competition for building Student dorms, Third place.1999 Competition for designing the city library at Haifa, Honor mention.  1998 Competition for building "Vila's town" with A. Robinstain Company, at Rishon Le'tzion, First place.  In  2003 Architect Gaby Schwartz received the Rechter award for designing a communal neighborhood in Carmiel. "The project contains a special social and structural quality that creates a balance between the shapes of the community while also allowing the private expression to each house by itself. It projects a search for architecture quality and esthetical expression in the frame of a functional framework. In this public form of art the architect managed to achieve a very rich expression of form and shape in all the possible dimensions. These qualities give the project a sense of perfection and excellence. In  2005 Architect Gaby Schwartz received the Ayalon award for urban planning for the design of a communal building in the Haifa theater complex."The building creates a new perception of a modern communal building, multi layers building, in which many public and communal functions are intertwined into the building stories.This multi layer building creates an option for attracting new kinds of population due to its quality dwellings, which can ignite a reconstruction and redevelop process of the city."In 2007 Architect Gaby Schwartz received the David Azriely award for urban planning for the "Hart of the city" project in Carmiel. "The heart of the city project serves as a successful example of intertwining a vibrant central street with the housing and gardening around it without damaging the quality of dwelling and the scenic surroundings. Significant amount of thought was given to the quality of building, the fur finish and the connection to the surrounding. The area is vibrant and active while keeping a close connection between the road and the green areas." l SB CONVENTIONS Architect Gaby Schwartz gave number of lectures in important events and seminars: 2007 "Background architecture", at the Israel's national Architects convention. 2005 "Building in the scenery and scenery in the building", at the Architect day on communal buildings. 2004  "Absorbing buildings", as part of the "Building in a week" at the Bezlael academy in Jerusalem. . 2003 Lecture at the "Israel's library planning towards the new millennium" seminar. 2003 Lecture at the Rechter award at the School of Architecture, Vitzo, Haifa.2003 Lecture at the Rechter award at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel in front of the faculty council.  2003 "New typologies for communal buildings", in front of members of the housing ministry at the  northern district of Israel. l SB- LECTURES Architect Gaby Schwartz gave number of lectures in important events and seminars:  2007 "Background architecture", at the Israel's national Architects convention. 2005 "Building in the scenery and scenery in the building", at the Architect day on communal  buildings. 2004 "Absorbing buildings", as part of the "Building in a week" at the Bezlael  academy in Jerusalem. 2003 Lecture at the "Israel's library planning towards the new  millennium" seminar.  2003 Lecture at the Rechter award at the School of Architecture, Vitzo,  Haifa. 2003 Lecture at the Rechter award at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning  Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel in front of the faculty council. 2003 "New typologies for communal buildings", in front of members of the housing ministry at the northern district of Israel.   Architect Gaby Schwartz is a senior lecture at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa. Exhibitions Merhav 1977 Merhav 1999 Merhav  2001 Merhav 2002 Merhav 2003 AR+D – London  2001 – Carmiel Residence Project UIA – Berlin  2002 - Carmiel Residence Project Moscow Biennale Architecture – Way of living 2008. l SB - RESIDENTIAL PROJECTS 1987 Haifa, Ramat eshckol, 20 units Haifa, Ilanot St., 24 units.   1988 Haifa, Carmelia, terraced buildings, 20 units. . Rishon Lezion, residence neighbourhood, 400 units. 1990 Haifa, cottages complex, l Carmel Zarfati Qiriat Bialik, 4 Highrise buildings, 128 Units. l Maalot, residence neighbourhood, 170 units. l Hadera, Beit Eliezer, 200 units.1991 Tveria Ilit, Highrise buildings & terraced buildings, 144 units. l Givat Hamore, 416 units. l Haifa, Nizanim St.,  Urban Planning + Highrise building. 1992 Haifa, Hana Senesh St., Urban Planning + Highrise building. Qiriat Ata, 84 units. l  Yarchiv, 119 units.  l Afula, 12 cottages. Ashdod City, Highrise Buildings, 544 units. 1992-Qiriat Yam, l Residence complex proposal, cottages + two family houses,  400units. 1993 Haifa, Neve Shaanan, Highrise Building (25 floors) + commercial area, 70 units. l Haifa, Neve Shaanan, 8 buildings, 96 units. 1994 Beitar Ilit, 3\4\5 floors buildings + two family houses, 230 units. l  Haifa, 22 Derech Hayam St., Prestigious building, 10 units. 1995 Carmiel, "City's Gate" project, 4-8 floors building, 128 units.l  Yoqneam, 2-3 family houses, 86 units. Modiin, terraced buildings, 270 units . Haifa, Neve Shaanan, Tabenkin St., 56 units. l Haifa, Neve Shaanan, 25 floors highrise building, 78 units.Yad Hana, 106 units. l Haifa, MartinBuber St., 2 buildings, 14 units. Haifa, Ahuza, 5 units. . Haifa, Bat Galim, 400 units (including protected tenancy) + 2000 sqm commercial area Beit Shemesh, Nof Hahar, 124 units.l Haifa, Ahuza, 4 units.Carmiel, Ramat Rabin, 60 units 1996 Nazereth, Shenler, 165 units.. Shlomi, 42 units. . Carmiel, Ramat Rabin, 62 units + 240 sqm commercial area.  l  Tirat Hacarmel, terracedbuilding, 48 units. . Tirat Hacarmel, 58 units. l  Tirat Hacarmel, 62 units. Beit Shemesh, 126 units. Beit Shemesh, 78 units. 1997 Haifa, Vardia, apartments hotel, 128 units. Carmiel, 68 units.Carmiel, 130 units. Nesher, 400 units. Haifa, highrise residential building inthe public theatre complex, 75 units.Haifa, Smolanskin St., 12 units.l Haifa, Ramat Eshckol, 5 units. Carmiel, 67 units. l Haifa, Neve David, urbanplanning + 300 units .Haifa, Ein Hayam, 40 units.l Haifa, Western Carmel, Derech Hayam 29 St.  1988 Maalot, terraced buildings, 48 units.Migdal, apartments hotel, 700 units + 10000 sqm commercial area + parking garage. Shlomi, 50units. l Carmiel, Ramat Rabin, 40 units + commercial area. Shfaram, 140 units.  . Nesher, Ramot Yitzhak, 56 units. .  Maalot, 45 units. Tirat 1999 Tirat Hacarmel, 200 units. l Nesher, Ramot Yitzhak, Highrise Building, 60 units. Shlomi, 30 units. l  Carmiel, 63 units. Nesher, Tel Hanan, 104units. Carmiel, 61 units. l  Migdal Haemek, 96 units. Tirat Hacarmel, "The Village Complex", 40 units. l  Raanana - cotteges, 5 units. . Carmiel, 38 units.Tveria,  l  Mordot Tveria, 75 units. 2000 Shlomi, 34 units.  .  Carmiel, 21 units. Shlomi, 19 units. Tira, 250 units.  l  Carmiel, 72 units. Carmiel, 60units. Nesher, Tel Hanan, 120 units. Hosen, 200 units.l Tveria, 60 units. Jaffa, 84 units Qiriat Mozkin, 80 units + commercial area Haifa, Bat Galim, 60 units + commercial area Tirat Hacarmel, 60 units + commercial area Tirat Hacarmel, 45 units. 2001 Yoqneam, 18 units. Tirat Hacarmel, 60 units. l  Eilat, Hotel EmployeeDorms, 238 units. l Haifa, Bat Galim, 50 units. Carmiel, 44 units. 2002 Hadera, 76 units. Akko, 130 units + commercial area. Tirat Hacarmel, 35 units. 2003 Qiriat Shmuel, 48 units. 2004 Atlit, 44 units. TiratHacarmel, Shirat Almog, 45 units. l  Carmiel, 150 units.Modiin, 72 units. l Tirat Hacarmel, 260 units. Givataim, 216 units. 2005 Kfar Yona, 64 units. l  Bat Yam, 320 units + 2000 sqm commercial area. 2005 Netanya, apartments hotel, 150 units.  l Ako, 15 units. 2006 Haifa, Dania, Trop's house. Alone Aba, Strolrzi's house.  l Alfei Menashe, 56 units.  2007 Ramat-Yishay, 12 units.l  Mazkeret Batya, 159 units. l Beer Yakov, 104 units  l Romania, Brasov – Dudi Efrati, 300 residential units.l SB -Public & Commercial Projects 1998 Tirat Hacarmel, expansion & renovation of the community center. 1990 Argentina, Santa Fe, expansion of the Santa Fe Hospital 1991 Haifa, Qiriat Shprinzak, expansion & renovation of the "Nof" Hall 1992 Nesher,l Tel Hanan, Office Building.  1992 Nesher, Tel Hanan, commercial center, 7000 sqm. 1992 Tel Aviv, Hamsger St., Office Building, 8000 sqm. 1991-1992 Qiriat Yam, Sports Hall in "Alumim" school In collaboration with Architect Yehuda Aridor.  1993 Yoqneam, 2 kindergarden classrooms. 1994 Haifa, Bat Galim, 20000 sqm Office Building + 5000 sqm. commercial area + 3 parking floors. l  1995 Beitar Ilit, commercial area, 1500 sqm.1995-1997  Pardes Hana, Commercial area 10000 sqm + 300 protected tenancy units. l  Carmiel, Givat Ram, commercial center, 1000 sqm.Modiin, commercial center, 800 sqm. l Yoqneam, day clinic + dental clinic + classrooms 630 sqm.1996 Maalot, commercial center, 1500 sqm.1996 Carmiel, Commercial area, 240 sqm.l  1997 Haifa, "Panorama Center", 1 floor expansion to the cinema complex.Haifa, Public Theatre Complex, offices.Pardes Hana, Kindergardens.Qiriat Yam, "The Pyramid", commercial center, 2500 sqm. l 1998 Qiriat Mozkin, "The Gate To The Sea". l  1999 Nazereth, hotel & commercial center. 2000 Qiriat Mozkin, public park 100000 sqm + Amphipark 10000seating places.l  "Ofer House", 5000 sqm. Haifa, Vardia, commercial center, 2500 sqm. . Croatia, Split, "Stella Maris" Hotel, 20000 sqm, in collabotration. l  With Architect Rani Zis. Croatia, Zagreb, commercial center + hotel + offices, 250000 sqm. (preliminary planning). l Hungary, Budapest, suites hotel.  l  Albania, Tirana, commercial center + offices, 45000 sqm.  l 2001 Tirat Hacarmel, community center.  l  Tirat Hacarmel, infants center.  l  Tirat Hacarmel, family care center. l   2004 Tirat Hacarmel, public library 2005 "Emek Hayarden" college, library "Emek Israel" college, communication faculty.  l  Alfei Menashe, Scouts center 2007 Habonim Beach, "Paradive", Skydiving school.  l University of Haifa, Coffee shop.  l Gas station, "Bait conos". l  SB - Offices & Industrial Projects 1989 Netanya, Industrial area, "Muzar Shalem" Plastic Factory, 1500 sqm.Tefen, Iscar control center . Haifa, Checkpost, "Kur", ceramics and installation sales center and showroom.   1991 Qiriat Bialik, peanut peeling and soups factory + 6 stores,35300 sqm.  1992 Nazereth Ilit, roofed market building, 6000 sqm.Haifa, "Sonol",  renovation of fuel station & garages complex . 1994 Carmiel, food factory, 5000 sqm. l Yoqneam, offices, 5000 sqm.  1995 Carmiel, 3500 sqm. l  Migdal Haemek, 3500 sqm. l  Teradion, 3 buildings, 10000 sqm.Nesher, Tel Hanan, "Beit Oved" - Electrical Company building, 3500 sqm.  l Qiriat Ata, offices, 2500 sqm.  1996 Qiriat Ata, offices + commercial area, 4000 sqm. l 1998 Jerusalem, Mt. Hozvim, Beck center. Tirat Hacarmel, work shops & warehouses. Rosh Pina, "Yod 5" factory, 12000 sqm.  1999 Nesher, Tel Hanan, Warehouse. l  2000 "Calmobil", high-tech park, 85000 sqm. 2000 Ramat Yohanan, high-tech park, offices + parking, 180000 sqm. l  2001 Nesher, "Frid House", 650 sqm. . Yoqneam, 5000 sqm. 2003 Nesher, "Sons Halva", 7500 sqm. l  2004 Yoqneam, CPC, 10000 sqm.2005 Bar Lev industrial area, 10000 sqm. l  Nesher, 7500 sqm. l   SB - Urban Planning Projects 1993 Nazereth, In collaboration with Architect Yehuda Aridor 1995 Carmiel, C-5 complex, 67 units. Carmiel, city plan for 60 residential units. l   Carmiel, city plan for 262 residential units.Haifa, "Rigency Palace", 30000 sqm. l  Haifa, Bat Galim, 300 residential units + protected tenancy + 2000 sqm commercial area.  . 1996 Ashdod City, 2 highrise buildings (14 floors).1997 Haifa, Public theatre complex, 70 residential units 6708 sqm + commercial area 1800 sqm.  Haifa, Neve David, 300 residential project + commercial center  + 500 parking spaces. l  Nesher, 450 residential units. Haifa, "Azmon Cinema", office building. l  1998 Tirat Hacarmel, Albash Family. 1999 Tirat Hacarmel, logistic warehouse compound. l  Tirat Hacarmel, 250 residential units + commercial area.Haifa, Hahalutz St., 40 residential units. l   Maalot, 150 residential units. . Tirat Hacarmel, "The Mafdal House". 2000 Haifa, 230 residential units near the university. 2002 Tirat Hacarmel, 270 residential units.  l Haifa, Ramat Golda, 450 residential units. Haifa, Western Slopes, 1200 residential units. Haifa, Neve David, 150 residential units.  Haifa, Bat Galim Project. . 2004 Qiriat Mozkin, 100 residential units + commercial area. . Qiriat Haim, 100 residential units + commercial. 2005 Haifa, Neve David, 150 residential units.  2006 Atlit, 350 residential units. l  Bat Yam, 300 residential units. l  SBSB – Arhitecti Asociati SRL – ROMANIA Schwartz Besnosoff is active in Romania from 2005. In 2007 the office opened partnership with Arc. Vlad Simionescu. SBSB - Projects: Romania, Bucharest - Millenium, 400 residential units Romania, Bucharest – Globus Interspace, 200 residential units.Romania, Braila, commercial center, 10000 sqm. Romania, Bucharest, commercial center, 15000 sqm. Romania, Brashov – Neptune, 175 residential units. Romania, Bucharest – Red Sea Rom, 4,000 residential units. Romania, Bucharest - Platinum, 1,400 residential units.Romania, Global Building invests, 400 residential units.Romania, Bucharest – BRC (Zorbin), 300 residential units.Romania, Bucharest – Platinum vita towers, 300 residential units. Romania, Bucharest– Zorbin Akiva, 250 residential units. Romania, Bucharest – Platinum Pipera towers,1,300 residential units.Romania, Tartasesti – H.F.C, 1,800 residential units. Romania, Iashi – H.F.C , 1,0000 residential units Romania, Titu – H.F.C , 450 residential units.Romania, Brasov – Sharbat Brothers, 200 residential units.Romania, Arad – Africa Israel, 600 residential units .Romania, Bucharest , Adama, 500 residential units. Romania, Bucharest – SHARBIV, 1,200 residential units. Romania, Arad – Tagor, 1,800 residential units.Romania, Brasov – Dudi Efrati, 300 residential units.