6.1.09 “Competition project: Van Leer Complex” - lecture at Technion.

27.5.08 - 22.6.08 Representing Israeil at The First Moscow Architecture Biennale - “Way of living”

28.11.07 Architect Gaby Schwartz received the David Azriely award for urban planning for the "Hart of the city" project in Carmiel.
"The heart of the city project serves as a successful example of intertwining a vibrant central street with the housing and gardening around it without damaging the quality of dwelling and the scenic surroundings. Significant amount of thought was given to the quality of building, the fur finish and the connection to the surrounding. The area is vibrant and active while keeping a close connection between the road and the green areas."

25.2.07 "Background architecture", at the Israel's national Architects convention.

30.3.05 Architect Gaby Schwartz received the Ayalon award for urban planning for the design of a communal building in the Haifa theater complex.
"The building creates a new perception of a modern communal building, multi layers building, in which many public and communal functions are intertwined into the building stories. This multi layer building creates an option for attracting new kinds of population due to its quality dwellings, which can ignite a reconstruction and redevelop process of the city."

27.5.04 "Building in the scenery and scenery in the building", at the Architect day on communal buildings.

1.5.03 "Absorbing buildings", as part of the "Building in a week" at the Bezlael academy in Jerusalem.

11.2.03 Architect Gaby Schwartz received the Rechter award for designing a communal neighborhood in Carmiel.
"The project contains a special social and structural quality that creates a balance between the shapes of the community while also allowing the private expression to each house by itself. It projects a search for architecture quality and esthetical expression in the frame of a functional framework. In this public form of art the architect managed to achieve a very rich expression of form and shape in all the possible dimensions. These qualities give the project a sense of perfection and excellence."

27.5.03 Lecture at the Rechter award at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel in front of the faculty council.

1.5.03 Lecture at the Rechter award at the School of Architecture, Vitzo, Haifa.

27.3.03 Lecture at the "Israel's library planning towards the new millennium" seminar.

25.1.03 "New typologies for communal buildings", in front of members of the housing ministry
at the northern district of Israel.